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We are committed to ensuring that we can provide easy access to vehicles and allow people to beat these financial difficulties. We offer a wide range of finance options useful to individuals and organisations looking to purchase that dream car. We ensure that they have nothing to worry about when it comes to financial convenience.

Our Finance Options

Novated Leasing

This option is known as salary sacrificing. It allows you to access the sum that you need to finance the purchase of your car. In turn, you agree to pay interest and make repayments of the borrowed sum over a period. What then sets this finance solution apart is how you make the repayments.

Finance Lease

Under this arrangement, you get an opportunity to spread the purchase cost throughout the lease. This way, you don’t have to worry about making a lump sum payment of the capital. See, you avoid the financial inconvenience that such a lump sum payment can cause to you and your organisation.

Chattel Mortgage

Under this arrangement, you get access to the vehicle of your choice. After which, you enter into a mortgage agreement with the lender using the vehicle you just purchased. This is to ensure that the lender gains security under the loan arrangement. This option is similar to the secured financing option under loan for personal use.

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Operating Lease

Under this arrangement, businesses are allowed to finance the purchase of the necessary vehicle while taking into consideration all relevant running expenses associated with the vehicle. Even more, there is no risk to the organisation.

Car Lease Broker

Leasing a car can be a challenging thing. This is especially the case if you do not have any experience in car leasing. To make smart financial decisions, it is always best to use a car lease broker. Brokers have an understanding of the car market and also have access to more information than you do. 

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Business Car Lease
With us at Car Lease Finance, we can help you with your business car lease. Our offerings for business car lease will help you take possession of vehicles primarily used for businesses. This would help you sought out your business’s operation transportation issues while still ensuring that you stay afloat and make your desired profit.
Car Lease Interest Rates

As an organisation that is out to provide solutions to many problems being faced by businesses and individuals, we believe that the best interest rate is what you deserve. No business or individual should be under the burden of paying back a loan. For us at Car Lease Finance, low-interest rates are integral to our car lease.

Car Lease Calculator

We now offer access to a tool that allows you to clarify your financial obligation under the arrangement. This is what we refer to as the car lease calculator. Generally, this tool takes two different forms that both function to offer you clarity before entering into a loan arrangement.

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