Operating Lease

Financing Through Operating Lease

One of the means through which you can finance your car purchase is through an operating lease. This is one of the most popular solutions today. This is thanks to the various benefits that it affords to an organisation. Under this arrangement, businesses are allowed to finance the purchase of the necessary vehicle while taking into consideration all relevant running expenses associated with the vehicle. Even more, there is no risk to the organisation.

What Is an Operating Lease?

This is a financial agreement where you loaned a vehicle for a fixed period based on your needs. This loaning can also extend to the number of kilometres of use. This lease arrangement also considers the running cost, such as the cost of servicing, tyres, fuelling, and event registration.

Under this arrangement, you merely pay for the possession and use of the vehicle. In this case, you don’t get ownership of the vehicle as it remains in the property of the lender for the rest of the lease. At the end of the lease, you can then decide whether to hand back the car or extend the lease duration. You can also decide to replace the car and enter into another lease arrangement in some other cases.

This arrangement is characterised by an easy and fast process that allows you to access the vehicle. Your organisation does not bear any risk when it comes to the vehicle. We assess your needs and provide you with a vehicle that satisfies those needs that you have.

This arrangement allows you to finance the vehicle of your choice. You can get that car you have been dreaming about easily through a novated lease.

Under this arrangement, you also enjoy flexible terms. This ensures that you can reach a favourable arrangement under this finance option. For instance, you can lease the vehicle for as little as 12 months and for as long as five years.

Even more, we don’t restrict the vehicle that you can lease. All you need to do is determine your needs, and we will provide a vehicle that fits into the needs you have. You won’t have anything to worry about.

Even more important, we are a specialist when it comes to vehicle modifications. As such, you can trust us to provide the necessary modifications to make your vehicle even more functional. We can provide the necessary fit-out in record time to meet your needs and leave you satisfied.

Our operating lease arrangement is industry-leading and provides a wide range of benefits that makes it even more desirable. For instance, we provide access to fleet management.

We also ensure that you don’t bear the risk of the car’s loss of value. Your repayment obligation is also simple and convenient to ensure that you enjoy the best experience. You can contact us for more on operating leasing.

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