Finance Lease

Financing Through Finance Lease

Another arrangement available for you to maximise as you finance that vehicle purchase is the finance lease arrangement. Under this arrangement, you get an opportunity to spread the purchase cost throughout the lease. This way, you don’t have to worry about making a lump sum payment of the capital. See, you avoid the financial inconvenience that such a lump sum payment can cause to you and your organisation.

What is a Finance Lease?

This is a financial arrangement that allows you to access a vehicle without worrying about making a lump sum payment. This option is available if you’re looking to provide a vehicle for your organisation. Under this arrangement, the cost of the vehicle gets spread over the length of the lease. In turn, all you’ll need to do is make monthly repayment through the lease arrangement.

Once the lease lapses, all you need to do is pay the residual value associated with the car to get full ownership of the car. Note that the residual value payment is optional, and you may choose not to exercise your right to get full ownership of the vehicle. As you can tell under this arrangement, all you retain is possession rather than ownership throughout the lease arrangement.

When it comes to determining the residual value associated with the lease arrangement, we achieve this through a flexible means. This is also achieved in consultation with you. We bring our experience to the fore to provide an estimate of the car’s future value.

The benefit of this arrangement is significant as it allows you to enjoy financial convenience and still get ownership of the vehicle if you’re interested in getting such. Even more, you don’t have to worry about complex applications that will make life difficult for you. Under this arrangement, you get access to a simple and easy process that ensures you can access the loan in record time.

You also get access to the competitive interest rate. You’ll not be overpaying for the finance, which makes it less worth it in the long run. Instead, you’ll get access to an interest rate that further guarantees your financial convenience. These rates are industry-leading, meaning that you’ll hardly get a better offer elsewhere.

Another benefit that comes with this arrangement is the possibility of an upgrade. At the end of the lease arrangement, you can choose to upgrade to another vehicle of your choice without necessarily activating the present one’s ownership clause. This ensures that you can get access to the vehicles of your dream at anytime that you want and without any hassle whatsoever.

There’s also the benefit of financial convenience that you cannot underestimate. Under this arrangement, you don’t have to worry about stressing your cash reserve. You get fast access to the vehicle of your choice whole you spread the cost of the vehicle. It’s like you’re saving for the vehicle, only that you’ve got the vehicle while you save. Great right?

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