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Boost Your Business with Our Business Car Lease

Operating a business comes with many hassles. The operational difficulties of transportation represent one important thing a business has to battle with. For many businesses, getting a business car has been a problem, and this has bad ripple effects on the expansion of the business. By extension, the profit being raked in by the business owners. 

If you are a business owner, you need a business car. This is so that that you can easily sort out the problem of business-related transportation. But then, the problem seems to be the difficulty of getting finance for the business loan. If this is your problem, you are not alone in this. There are other businesses that have passed through the same phase. But the difference is that they knew the best option to go for. 

With us at Car Lease Finance, we can help you with your business car lease. Our offerings for business car lease will help you take possession of vehicles primarily used for businesses. This would help you sought out your business’s operation transportation issues while still ensuring that you stay afloat and make your desired profit.

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What Are the Eligibility of Your Business for Business Car Loans?

Because business car lease is an important service to us, and we are out here only to deal with business owners who are serious about solving their business’s transportation problem, there are some criteria that your business has to meet. These are just basic criteria to check the required boxes before finalising the deal on our business car loan.

  • For your business to qualify for Car Lease Finance, your business must at least have an ABN as the bearest qualification.
  • As a business owner, you cannot take possession of our business car lease in your title or name. On this aspect, what we are concerned about is your business’s growth and how our business car lease can help you. If you need a personal car, you can contact our representatives; there are different programs for that also

Whatever maybe your business type, you can always access Car Lease Finance’ Business car lease.

What Are the Eligible Vehicles for Business Car Loans?

As a responsible organisation, we understand the need for your business to have only the best business vehicle; this is why we only offer the best business vehicles to our clients. Some of the vehicles we have for you are:

  • Wagon and hatchback 
  • Passenger cars
  • SUVs and UTEs
  • Light commercial vehicles

All our vehicles being offered for business car lease are a product of superb manufacturing from the best engineering hands and brains worldwide. The engines are standard, and the designs will give your business the elegance it deserves. 

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General Eligibility

As for general eligibility, businesses will have to check in with their accountant to ensure that the vehicle in question qualifies as a business vehicle and can be eligible for business car leases. Also, the ATO requirements in a business car lease would have to be met before we finalise the deals on business car leases.

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